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I finished the test about 10 minutes early, went over my answers but found nothing I wanted to change, put my papers together, put the pen on top and pushed the paper in front of me. Looking around the room most of the other students had also finished and looked like they where just checking the answers so the time you get is more than enough.

The examiner then said “ You have a couple of minutes left, when your finished make sure your email is on the top of the page “ I was looking out of the window and I thought to myself, hope I’ve have passed, don’t fancy doing that again, especially at £200.00 a pop.

There is then a Q&A but no one asked anything so the examiner said “ so you know it all then do you ? “ So I put my arm up and said “ How did you do The Knowledge” he said “ You don’t have to call over 80 runs a day, do a list ( 16 runs ) forward and backwards, get to know the area just as you would if you moved there. Pick up points as you go and don’t just do the ones on the sheet.”

“In busy areas park up the bike and take a walk around, look at how you would leave and set down at a point. Also imagine what you would do if you was on a route and one of the main roads was closed due to an accident how would you get around it.”

The papers where collected and on the walk back out to reception we started chatting about the test and wishing each other good luck on the result.

The next morning I received the email from Transport for London congratulating me on passing and a date for my  appearance, I called Transport for London up to pay the £400.00 appearance fee but was told I could not pay over the phone and would have to pay when I went up , whatever happens you only pay the £400.00 once, if your put back you will have to pay for another written test but not the £400.00 appearance fee.

I now feel like I’m on The Knowledge, I like the fact that I will now have a target to go for on each stage of the appearances and that my goal of getting the green badge is one step closer. As long as you know the runs you should be ok, even if you don’t know any of the points of interest on the sheet you have just over a 40% chance of guessing 5 correct points so DO NOT leave any questions unanswered.

 All the best on the test, if you know your runs your in with a great chance of passing.