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After learning the 320 runs in the Blue Book and as many points as you can ( or if your 2 year time limit is up ) you book your written test and pay £200.00. If you fail you will have to pay £200.00 for every test you take until you pass so no pressure then, far from it. After 14 months of doing the Blue Books I still can’t remember all 320 runs without a few mistakes and I forget points.

Your test will be at 10:00 am so unless you live within walking distance you will be traveling by car or public transport, in my case both, leave plenty of time, remember its better to arrive early and have the extra time to go over points or runs on your phone than it is to be stressed because the bus, train or traffic held you up.

I give my details at reception and was asked to join the other students waiting, I was greeted by “alright mate, how you getting on with it” “its the hardest thing I’ve ever tried I said”, another student joined in and we started chatting about knowledge schools, runs, points, and if we thought we would pass or not. It was a relief to hear them say that like me they found the knowledge overwhelmingly difficult.

We got called up and walked through the inner reception, past the students sitting there waiting to go in for an appearance, you could feel the atmosphere and it was a reminder of what was coming next if we passed today.

In the exam room you are asked to not touch or look at your papers, then the examiner said “ you have 5 runs with 3 options each, take your time and get them right as they are worth 10 points each. There are 25 points of interest, each block of 5 will relate to the start or end of each of the 5 runs they are worth 2 points each, so a total score of 100 points and you need 60 points to pass, you have 45 minutes and I will let you know when you have 10 minutes left”.

4 of the runs where the same as in my books and one was different to how I learned it but out of the available options I thought I knew what one to pick. As the runs change every time they set the test I’m not going to say what they where and when it comes to the points of interest  I think a bit of luck is involved as you cannot know them all so a cheeky guess was used more than once.