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Memory Map is my favourite map app for revising the points and runs on The Knowledge.

This versatile app is only £15.00 to buy and you get 5 licences, enough for your PC, iPad, Android Phone and iPhone.

You can save the changes you make as an overlay file or for a small one off in app fee upload the file to the cloud so you can download it to your other devices conveniently keeping all your work up to date.

Note: The custom icons only work on your PC.

If you create a run in the app you can also while out on the bike set it to be followed, I personally have never used this and prefer to just follow the written run, the base map covers the same area as an A-Z master atlas and with the custom icons you can just update the map as you build your own overlay file of London. You can cut and paste your runs from your knowledge school or a PDF into the comments box and the software formats it for you, you then just space out the run as you like.

The Memory Map software was not designed with knowledge students in mind and the basic Memory Map icons are not suitable for marking out road restrictions, runs and points of interest, so I made a custom set.

In the examples ( link above ) I was experimenting with making my own Memory Map icon set for The Knowledge and have now got it to where I think everything is covered but if I make any more I will add them to the icon page for download.

A guide on how to use Memory Map