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A selection of Videos that show some of the points of interest around an area. The number next to a point relates to the amount of times asked in a year.

This film looks at the tough training regime undertaken by black cab drivers as they prepare for one of the hardest examinations they will ever take.

Hovering over a postcode will list the area and clicking on a post code will take you to a Google Map outline of that post code.

A look into what’s involved in learning the knowledge of London.

Exploring the Blue Book Runs, Points of Interest, Books, App’s, Software and anything else that helps in the pursuit of  gaining the coveted Green Badge & becoming a London Black Cab Driver.


The knowledge of London is a massive undertaking and I have a new found respect for anyone that has passed out and got their green badge.

This site is just for keeping links and things I design like the London postcode map and videos all together in one place. If you get anything from this website then great, be my guest, if it has saved you time or money then please donate £2.00 a month to London Taxi P.R. who are working hard for your future as a Black Cab Driver.

Lastly this site cannot replace the expertise that a knowledge school can provide, the single best bit of advice I have had while out on the bike was being told to go along to one of the knowledge schools for the introductory class, a must for beginners, see the links below.


Some handy links I’ve found,

London Taxi Radio is great for keeping you informed with the trade and doesn't hold any punches, very funny and opinionated, they really tell it how they see it, fantastic.

If you need a TAXI stick your arm out or download the app.

Black Cab Knowledge Guy

The London Grill: Me

Pubcat London Taxi Log

Knowledge Schools -


Knowledge Point School

Train Your Brain Like A Cabbie by Robert Lordon

Taxi Point  - Premier Independent  Publications


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